About Us

Our Mission

To this day, our mission remains: to create an inspiring brand with the focus of beautiful design, enhancing character and social development, along with creating the hope of aspirations towards "kingdom dreams" for girls everywhere. We want to create fashion-designed products that inspire princess dreams for the young at heart, ultimately attempting to reinvent the image of discovering the "Modern Day" Princess.

Our Founder

Out of a keen desire to draw fashion and the love of childhood dreams, Splendorous Strokes was born with the hopes to inspire beautiful thoughts in a negative world. Always wanting children to shine their inner spark.

Splendorous Strokes wants to release this brilliant spark in a beautiful happy environment through illustration and storytelling.

Our founder Fashion Illustrator Kel creates all of the artwork by hand and digital techniques. Loving to draw and create beauty everyday.

Join Our Community

Every girl has an inner princess and the drive to make the world a better place. Come join our community over on Facebook for more fashion fun and couture! Always believe in your "kingdom dreams."