Back To School! Set Goals

Back To School! Set Goals

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Hi Splendorous Strokes Fans!

 It's that time again for BACK TO SCHOOL! Schedules, activities, and to do's are all important as the school bell rings. Time to get organized and set some goals. 
Most of us will struggle as school approaches to take all of our to do's and turn them into achievable goals that fulfill our dreams. 
Here is our 4 step plan of action to set goals this year and reach your biggest dreams. 


Always dream first of where you want to be, where you want to go and see yourself in your dreams. Create the vision and get it clear in your mind. Once you have vision you can then go to the next phase.

This is the second phase for setting goals. You will need to have a clear vision in order to start planning out the steps it will take for you to reach your end goal and or destination.
Each step will be a building block to reach your dreams. Most importantly, you will need to Prioritize (or in other words know what sequence) which steps come first or last to make your vision (dream) come true.
The third phase in setting goals is making your TASK LIST of actions you need to take. Each task on your list will connect to the steps you must take to reach your desired goal. Once your task list is created, the planning is done and your ready to start taking action!!
It's super simple, just START! Check off one task on your list at a time and keep your list in front of you at all times. Don't worry about having all the answers or feeling unsure how each task will be achieved, just start and do at least one task towards your goals. Eventually, after weeks you will find you are reaching your goals by just one step at a time. 
splendorous strokes, set goals, goals, planning, journal, bullet journal, back to school, dream journal
Now that you know how to set goals, it's time to get the number one tool...a journal! Always write your dreams, goals down to keep track of where you are going. Goals will not be achieved if you do not see them and focus on making them happen. 
Our new Majesty Within Bullet Journal has arrived and we're super stoked to share it with everyone! Lavendar, sparkles, and tiaras to inspire you to set goals for yourselves. Dream and Discover the Majesty Within you and make this year the year you turn those dreams into your reality!
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